August 16, 2010

Flickr Fave!

I'm starting to think that I'd like this regular post to be a 'Fave Photo of the Week' instead of 'Flickr Fave'. I find Flickr somewhat limiting - I mean I find such beautiful photos all over the net not just on Flickr. For example I love trolling on deviantART for some stunning pictures. I'll have a think about it. But for this week at least...

This week's Flickr Fave is Brooke Shaden.

Some of her pictures are completely freaky - elongated necks, bodies sinking into cement and heads that are blurring. But they are so interesting and so well composed.

There is amazing mood, depth and feeling in these pictures. They contain a stunning visual quality and are dreamy and lovely.

Take a look at her blog as well.
Note: No copywrite infringement intended

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