August 3, 2010

Lens Lust...

As you no doubt know by now I am a major photography lover. I love looking at pretty pictures, composing and taking shots and being rewarded in the end with more pretty pictures. To me, in short, it is pure bliss. Now, I'm not that good yet but I'm loving learning how to get better.

Anyhow I have decided on the next 'MUST HAVE' item...

I am in major lens love with the Nikkor AF-S DX 35mm f/1.8
Isn't it pretty? I want one. I want one right now!

This is quite a shift for me because I always thought the next lens I'd like to buy would be a super macro lens of some sort. That isn't to say that I don't want a macro lens - I very much do. But I want this lens more.

What brought me to this decision? Well, like any good university student I have been doing some major research into photography. Looking for tips and tricks of the trade and stuff. What I discovered is most of the pros out there suggest this as a great all round lens.

I stumbled upon a fairly unique (which is always favorable in my book) kind of guy who is a real pro and gives real advice. He gives this lens a thumbs up and that's good enough for me. His name is Jared Polin and apparently he is highly sort after as a music/concert photographer shooting (that just sounds macabre!) some pretty famous faces including President Obama. Check out his website FroKnowsPhoto. As I said he's a pretty unique, kinf-of-out-there sort of guy but he's willing to share some awesome tips... Plus I'm a bit of a sucker for a Fro!

But back to the matter at hand... I must have this lens! Here's hoping I can get saving and buy this little beauty.

Now a question for any photography buffs out there... Do you have this lens (or something like it)? What do you think of it?

In the meantime I will sleep and dream of cameras, lenses, fros and trees with money for leaves...

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  1. Hey Tafline!

    I have this lens!! : )

    I did loads of research and spoke to alot of photographers too and they said the same thing. 35mm f/1.8.

    I bought it about 6 months after getting my camera, when I put it on it was AMAZING. I never took it off till I bought my 18 - 200mm f/3.5 VR lens over a year later, and I now frequently cwap betweeen the two. My kit lens never got a look in since I bought the 35mm, it has sat in a drawer ever since.

    Whenever anyone asks I say buy the camera body, then buy the 35mm.

    I know your wallet will hate me but.... GET IT!!!! haha... especially before your holiday! ; )

    mara xxx