September 17, 2010

Music That Moves Me

It's Music The Moves Me Friday (I do so wish I could have that as a nice little alliteration but it makes no never mind now).

So this post is a bit of a special one. It's my birthday!! And it's time for my regular music post. What more could a girl ask for right? Since it's my birthday I thought I'd tell you about another thing that moves me. When people know you, love you just the way you are and simply want to celebrate that you were brought into the world - that is sweet, sweet music to my ears and the melody to my soul.

I want to say a giant thank you to my magnificent mum!! She brought me into this world and she had loved me and cared for me every day since - even when I was the worst teen in the world (seriously I was awful). So my lovely mum thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I appreciate every bit (even if I forget to say so sometimes!). You amaze and inspire me.

But back to the reason we are here: Music!

This week's music of the week is the fantastical Freelance Whales.

This group is amazing drifting between sugar-sweet up-beat and beautiful, soulful melody.

As their site states, 'The kids in Freelance Whales are really just collectors, at heart. They don’t really fancy buffalo nickels or Victorian furniture, but over the past two years, they’ve been collecting instruments, ghost stories, and dream-logs. Somehow, from this strange compost heap of little sounds and quiet thoughts, songs started to rise up like steam from the ground.'

And you can hear that history and that spirit in the music.

I'm going to share 3 music clips with you because I am just in love with their sound.

Here is a fan made clip for the song 'Starring'

This is another fan made music clip for the Freelance Whales song 'Hannah'. It is such a simple clip yet so very effective. As a side note: I've been super impressed by the amount of high quality videos being created my armatures - there is some phenominal talent out there!

Now here's a slightly more moody song. It's called 'Broken Horses' and I adore it!

So what do you think of Freelance Whales? I'd love to hear your thought. What music are you listening to at the moment? I need some suggestions!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!

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