September 14, 2010

Fave Photo of the Week!

Okay so I'm a few hours late on this post. But since I haven't been to sleep yet I'm still calling this Monday.

I just found today's photo and I am absolutely in love!

Image found here.

Isn't it simply fantastic??!!?? I think that the eye make-up really enhances this photo with the complementary colors. It's always fascinating to see what an eye actually looks like (or at least that's what I think). We spend an amazing amount of our lives looking people in the eye without actually seeing the detail of the eyes. And that color!! I would love to have eyes that color instead of my slightly muddy brown eyes. Most macro shots of eyes have heaps of reflection so that the viewer sees the reflection instead of the eye but this photographer somehow managed to minimize this effect.

I can't wait to get myself a macro lens and try to get the obligatory self-eye (?) shot.

So that's my photo of the week. It makes me weak in the knees.

Oh well best get back to my studies. But before I go - is there a picture you're in love with this week? I'd love to see it!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Tafline! That is a cool shot. I think it's been photoshopped within an inch of it's life though, that person's eyes wouldn't be anywhere near that vibrant. You could make your eyes look like this too if you spent hours photoshopping. But then they wouldn't be your eyes, they'd be more like CGI eyes lol.