September 5, 2010

Music That Moves Me

So I missed my weekly music post -- by two days -- eekkk!! But it was with good reason.
- Friday was taken by medical issues (mine and 0ther peoples) finishing in the emergency room waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting) for someone I know to be admitted in to hospital with me not getting home til 11 and not in bed til 12.

- Saturday was an early rise to do a pre-arranged photoshoot with one of my best friends. Had the best time and I actually managed to take some good shots (with my pretty new lens). Quick stop at home to get changed. Then off to a family birthday party on the opposite side of town to the photoshoot. To cut a long story story again not in bed til after midnight...

I might go more into detail of a few things in a later post but right at the moment it is on to the music of the week.

Well actually my music of the week is silence. Sometimes I just need complete quiet with no words, no music, no beat. In the silence I can sort out whatever is swirling around in my brain and come to terms with whatever is happening around me. There are times when I find music too distracting. Like when I'm trying to do something that requires my complete concentration but instead I find myself singing along with the lyrics forgetting my original task.

So this week it is silence - the silence that resorts my soul and allows me to clear my mind.

Do you ever just need beautiful silence?

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