November 23, 2011

Project 365 - Day Three Hundred And Sixty-Four

Day three hundred and sixty-four!! Can you believe it?? Only one more day left of project 365!! I cannot believe it's been a year. My, oh my, what a year it has been. Honestly I'm impressed that I haven't missed a single day (knock on wood - there's still one day left!)

Today's photo is a celebration of my undying infatuation with coffee.

Image taken 23 November 2011

Most people who know me know I love a good cup of coffee. I basically have a bowl of it every morning. There's nothing like it to kick start my morning. I like how the light and shadow form and imperfect heart. Oh me oh my I heart me a good cup of coffee. Are you a huge coffee fan like me?

My next post will be the completion of project 365. Thanks for sticking with me! I'd love to know do you have a favorite photo?

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