November 12, 2011

Project 365 - Day Three Hundred And Forty-Nine

It's so dangerous for me to go to the supermarket... and to read food/recipe blogs. One of my favorite food blogs is raspberri cupcakes. She recently posted a recipe for orange cake with fruit tingle icing. Fruit. Tingle. Icing! Oh my goodness! Ever since I read this recipe I have been dying to try it out.

I changed it a little though. Instead of baking an orange cake I baked a lemon cake instead. I think it really goes well with the fruit tingle icing.

Image taken 08 November 2011

The lovely sherbet pop of the yummy icing is to die for. I swear I could eat this icing by itself but that would be a little too much sugar in one hit. If you're a sweet tooth like me and love sherbet I suggest you try this fantastic recipe.

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