November 4, 2011

Project 365 - Day Three Hundred And Forty

I spent most of the night tossing and turning unable to sleep. Hello insomnia my old friend. So I decided to use this attack of sleeplessness to go and capture the glory of a beautiful sunrise. I headed out to Nudgee Beach armed with my camera, tripod and my beautiful ultra wide angle lens. Talk about the perfect way to start the day.

Image taken 30 October 2011

I love the textured lines of the beach. It gives a bit more depth to the photo I think. What do you think?

As I was crouched down intent on getting the 'perfect' photograph the tide started rolling in slowly swallowing the textured beach. While I mourned the loss of the textured foreground I reveled in the mirror effect of the incoming ocean.

I bumped up the shutter speed quite a bit because I wanted to enhance the pink hues of the clouds. It turned out perfectly. The picturesque landscape and the pure beauty of the moment was well worth the sever lack of sleep.

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