August 9, 2009

Some things by me

I like to write fiction, speeches, plays, poetry... Anything that's a creative outlet and I find my release.

I find, however, that my poetry is so much more personal to me. It's like my diary and my therapy all rolled into one. Parts of me are found in every line.

So I'm launching some them out into the big wide wonderful world of the net... Who knows maybe you can relate to some of the thoughts, feeling and themes as expressed in these poems.

BREATHE ~ by Tafline

Gasping, Reaching -
Can't get enough

Wanting, needing -
Please give me some

Wishing, struggling -
Unable to breathe in

Breath escaping -
Why can't I get

Heart crying -
I just need some

Lungs constricting -
No more

Brain screaming -
Just give me some

Life flashing -
Unfit for

Soul dying -
Powerless to fight for

Consciousness fading -
No need for


Don't Talk To Me Before Coffee ~ by Tafline

Awake, awake, awake!
Screams the day
Sleep, sleep, SLEEP!
Moans the body
"Time to get up"
Birds snidely sing
No, no, no
Laments the brain
Out of bed
Chirps the alarm
Just 5 minutes more
Begs the soul
'It's 9 am. This is your wake up call'
Bleats the voice in the phone

Surrendered to slumber no more
Stumbling out of bed
Needing something to wake the sleeping dead
Switching on the saving grace
The sweetest nectar of all
Dripping through dark brown gold
Aroma fills the room, fills the senses
Can't wait to get that first hit
Bitter sweetness tickles the taste buds
Scorching liquid burns on its way down
Caffeine hits the bloodstream
Buzzing through the veins
Ready to face the day

More to come soon...

(These works are the property of my imagination!!)

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