August 8, 2009

Joining the masses

And so, dear friends, I have decided to join the teeming masses into blogger-dom. In point of order, I don’t believe introductions have been made. Here are the vital statistics:
Name: Tafline (My mum got it from a book called "Scend of the Sea" by Geoffrey Jenkins)

Job: Disability Support Worker and student

Studying: Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English Literature

What do I hope to be when I grow up: A University lecturer while being a published author who dabbles in art and photography (nothing like hedging your bets)

Now, down to the important stuff… Why at long last did I finally relent and become a blogger? Well, first because my best friend (who, by the by, is seriously one of the best people I know) suggested it. Second, I find myself in need of another creative outlet while studying. Third, it would be fantastic to get my art (written works, photographs and paintings) out into wider society. And finally, I am interested to find whether it is a relief and release to make my thoughts know to people other than me.

So there it is… my first post… as I re-read this I find that it is leaning on the maudlin, rest assured, dear reader, it will not always be this way…

Until the next time I feel so lead to publish my thoughts...

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