August 13, 2009

Some more poetry by me

Because we all need a catharsis and this is mine...

Let Me Be by Tafline

Every time I close my eyes

You are there

I try to get some distance

Please say, “I don’t want you”

On the screen in my mind

You’re always showing

The dreams stop and start

Jarring my brain

Trying to make sense of it

There is no way away from you

Seeing you, thinking of you


Leave me alone

Detachment is needed

I can’t breathe

You’re stealing my air

With you I am monochrome

I need colour

I need light

Let me live… without you

The Darkness by Tafline

(Please note: the use of the words "the black" are by no means racial in any way, shape or form... It is meant as a metaphor for depression!!! No offense intended!)

Completely submerged in the black

Straining to break free

My mouth screams

To chase away impending dark

The black leaks into my veins

Becoming a very part of me

I feel it now, surging within me

Overtaking my brain

My words, thoughts and memories are gone

Taken by the black

Stealing every part of me

The black destroying all

The black overcomes me

I know that it is over now

I am no longer my own

For I AM the black

Waking Dreams by Tafline

In my daydreams you are mine

As I close my eyes

I know what you’ll say

I know what I’ll do

‘Cause in my daydreams I know the real YOU!

Reality fades as I picture it

You and I together

Facing whatever comes

Finding strength in you

In my daydreams no one knows me like you do

Background noise

The real world intrudes

Ripping me away

‘Will you visit again?’

My daydream answers ‘On that you can depend’

My eyes slowly reopen

It all comes flooding back

For only cold-lighted reality remains

And so I choose

In wakeful dreaming…

To return to you


As always these poems belong to my imagination

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