August 20, 2009

Identity In Christ

This is a poem I wrote when I started thinking about the struggle of self-image

Found in You - Conversations with myself and My Lord
By Tafline

Nervously tugging at the hem
Trying desperately to fit in
Are my clothes right?
All the while trying to fit but never quite

Feel I'll never be smart enough
Cool enough, Pretty enough
Desperately trying to fit in
Does anyone care what lies beneath this skin?

Panic sets in
They'll know
Know I don't belong
Just waiting for it all to go horribly wrong

Lord, You tap me on the shoulder
To remind me that You're here
With you, my God, I'm finally free
Free to just be me

My identity found in You, my Lord
And so I revel in the fact
That You made me
Exactly who you want me to be


I believe that we should embrace our eccentricities and realize that God has called you to just be you. The amazing freedom of God's love gives you the opportunity to relax into yourself and not be wrapped up in the pretense.

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