August 8, 2009

As so stated

So that was a quick interlude... But as stated in my "About Me" section I like to read... A lot... A WHOLE LOT... In fact there is little I like better than to settle down with a book, any book, it doesn't even have to be a good book - as long as it's in English (for alas that is the only language I can read) I will happily read it.

Si-fi, romance, horror, historical, biographical it makes no never mind to me. There is nothing better than losing yourself in a book and completely forgetting what's going on in your life for a while. As such I was searching on deviantART the other day and I can across this picture that completely reminded me of... well... me!

This is what I look like after a visit to the second-hand bookstore or really any bookstore!~! [This picture can be found here: (No copyright infringement intended!)]

I mean I study English Literature at uni!! How fantastic is it that you can go and study what you love?

There is even a second-hand bookstore really close to my house - which receives half my paycheck it feels - and the shop assistants there are wonderful... They remember what I like to read and what I brought previous times. So this serves as a shout-out to the wonderful ladies at my second-hand book store. You gals are great!!! And since we're on the subject a HUGE shout-out to my mum who instilled in me my passion for reading to begin with.

I love it that reading is enjoying a resurgence of late thanks to books like Harry Potter and Twilight. Say what you will about them but reading is becoming cool again (finally I'm in with the in crowd!!)

The absolute BEST thing about reading though is that 10 different people can read the same book and interpret it 10 different ways. There is rarely a right or wrong answer - it's completely freeing. So go on, do yourself a favor and pick up a book!

In finishing my soliloquy about books and reading... Any suggestions as to what I can read next?

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  1. hi tafline! great post - i like it that the second hand store knows you by name AND book preference! welcome to the blog world :)