February 19, 2012

My New(ish) Tablet

As I mentioned in my last post I recently purchased a new tablet... And boy, oh boy, I l-o-v-e it! Even if for no other reason than it means that I can watch TV shows and movies on the train. But it does so much more than that! I'm planning to write a proper review of the wonderful piece of technology soon. As well as sharing a few of my favourite apps. But just at the moment I'm trying to find a decent app for uploading to my blog... The one that I used for last night's post wouldn't let me upload photos no matter what I tried. Not exactly the best tool for a photography related blog! If any one of there posts from a tablet I'd love to hear some suggestions for an app that will suit my needs.

There's a photo I took with my phone ( as an aside I'm loving exploring and experimenting with 'phone photography'. It will never take the place of my beloved DSLR(s) but it's defiantly fun to play around with) of my pretty tablet. If you'd like to take a look at some of my other forays into phone photography you can follow me on Twitter ( link on the side bar) or you can go here ( to look at my Lightbox. If you own a Android I can highly recommend the Lightbox app as a wonderful image sharing and uploading tool.

Thanks so much for reading! Come back soon!

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