October 29, 2012

Last Thursday

So... Words and pictures, right? That's the goal. Let's see how it goes...

In case you didn't know I'm quite the music fan. My little music mix CD (yes CD... you do remember those?) keeps me company whenever I hop in my car and my mobile phone handily doubles as my personal music player. 

And while I like and appreciate a wide variety of music (though some would disagree) I always seem to circle back to... well I'm not quite sure what to call it really. Soulful, acoustic, singer/songwriter, kinda mellow (at times), meaningful, one-person-with-an-acoustic-guitar kinda vibe genre? Music shouldn't be in a box anyway. But that's what I listen to the most.

Anyway last Thursday I headed to the Dowse Bar to surround myself with the incredible talents of Mr Stu Larsen, Mr Luke Thompson and Mr Chris Simmons. I first heard Stu Larsen at a Passenger gig a long while back (if you haven't heard of Passenger then you are truly missing out!) And when I found out Stu was doing a headliner at the Passenger gig earlier this year I knew that was something I couldn't pass up. I am ever so glad that I went! Plus I got to hear to new-to-me artists who will be featuring on my playlist for sure.

My camera accompanied me (of course... really would you expect nothing less?) on this lovely evening out. So I thought I'd share some of my pics from the night... Do yourself a favor - as you're looking at these pics press play on the little video below to listen to Luke Thompson's song 'Water' to get the full effect: 

I was sorely tempted to make all the photos black and white. Who knows I may yet do just that. There's something about black and white photography. It's like it just strips away the detractions so you can really focus on the heart of the image... Or at least that's what I think.

I am falling more and more in love with live music photography. I've had the chance to take my camera along to a few gigs so far this year and there's just something about this type of photography that makes my heart...sing (pun intended). So if you're a musician looking to get some photos done don't been shy about giving me a call!

So that was my Thursday night... Filled with stunning and soulful music and a little bit of photography thrown in for good measure. Kinda perfect if you ask me. I can't wait to share my next post which is some news I've been dying to share so stay tuned!


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