September 21, 2012

George & Crystal - First Look

Let me tell you the story...

I have a wonderful cousin who lives in Sydney and shares my passion for photography. She has been slowly but surely building up her own photography business - Samara Joy Photography. A while ago she shared her joy at the opportunity to photograph her friend's wedding and build her portfolio.

I, of course, delighted in the news and offered (half jokingly) to fly to Sydney and act as her assistant/second shooter ... As it turned out the wedding was taking place in Brisbane and my cousin and the bride were happy to have me come along as second shooter! Truly amazing! It was a joy to photograph the delightful couple's special day with Samara. Click here to see her take on the wedding day. (While you're there take a look at the rest of her blog and subscribe)


To capture the absolute beauty of two people making a lifelong commitment to one another is an honor. Crystal and George began a journey that day and I was privileged to witness it. Click on the images if you would like to view them larger.


I'm still working through my images from the day but I thought I'd share a few of my favorites so far. There was laughter. There were pictures. There was the occasional tear. There were precious little moments. There were stories shared. There was love... And there was a couple starting their new lives together as husband and wife. That is pure beauty...

I'd like to share another quick story if I may. As you may notice the groom is a Papua New Guinean. I cannot recall if I've shared before of my connection to the country. From living there when I was little to going back for (at times heartbreaking) visits - the place holds a special place in my heart. It is undoubtedly part of my history... And there are times I yearn to go back for a visit... At this wedding I got a taste of Papua New Guinea and my heart was full. Thank you George and Crystal for allowing me to capture your special day and for giving me a sweet little taste of PNG.

There are many more images to go through and a lot more exciting news to share... But that shall wait for another post. In the meantime I say thank you to George and Crystal for entrusting your special day to Samara and I... And thank you Samara for a wonderful weekend of photography, fun and laugher - we must do it again sometime!

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