May 7, 2010

Count 'Em

So my last couple of posts were all woe-is-me/isn't-life-horrible-ly. While this is how I'm feeling I'm beginning to realize that focusing on the negative is in turn perpetuating this negative mindset.

My mum (quite rightly) told me off a bit for being such an Eeyore of late and she suggested that I start looking at the good, even tiny amounts of good, to break me out of this current negative mindset.

Here's 9 I came up with in the first 5 min..

1. My amazing family who put up with everything I throw at them and love me despite my current depressive kick.

2. My camera which during this rough, sad time can still supply me with so much joy.
3. Living in Australia - where we have amazing amounts of freedom (even if they are being slowly chipped away) and a welfare benefits scheme that helps who needs help. There aren't many places in the world where I could live and get benefits from the government for being disabled.

4. Getting a new client at work who better fits my personality. This is a serious weight off my shoulders. I was getting so stressed out with my previous client that when I can home from my first shift with my new client I felt completely relaxed.
5. My true friends who know who I really am and accept me for who I really am. I am realizing just how rare people like that are.

6. Having a house to live in, food to eat and a car to drive - which counts me in the population of the rich even though I earn relatively little.

7. My best friend who lives in another state but still cares enough to email, text and call regularly. Who wants to know what's going on in my life and gives me safety, comfort and acceptance.

8. Having computers, TVs, DVD's, a Itouch, a mobile phone and a plethora of books and art supplies all to keep me entertained.

9. Finding pretty pictures and words that express exactly how I'm feeling at any given time.

You know what? Making this list is lightening the load. It's amazing how your life can look light or dark just depending on your angle.

I will endeavor to pick the light out of the dark - even if it's only tiny specs of light. After all, life's too short to be depressed all the time!Image found on We Hear It

Until the next time I hope you mange to find light in even the darkest of situations...

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  1. Yes Tafline, thats great! Keep it up, positivity breeds positivity and things will get so much better! It's clinically proven!
    My poor camera has to go back to citiwide :( to get the dust out, its behind the sensor filter, i'm so going to miss it!!
    And thats great about your client! Also wonderful photo, have a great night!