April 29, 2010


At the moment my daydreams are far better than reality…

In my daydreams I slay dragons. I converse with a myriad of mythical creatures.

Men who are smart, witty, talented and fun find me irresistible and interesting.

In my daydreams I am strong and brave and fun. I am vivacious and free.

My daydreams allow me to follow my dreams – I am always an author/artist/photographer. I have the freedom to follow my passions without stress or worry. And I manage to earn money from my art.

My daydreams are not without problems – there are always insurmountable tribulations that need to be faced. But I always win out in the end and I face them with grace.

I am talented and smart. And for some reason aforementioned man always thinks I’m beautiful (even though I remain the plain jane I am).

Mostly in my daydreams I find my place in the world and I live my life well. I am comfortable and I don’t have to try so hard.

I am forced to wonder if I have spent entirely too much time in the company of fictional characters that I have begun to expect far too much from life.

So the question is… will reality ever overtake my daydreams?

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