March 18, 2010

A Continuing Connection...

As you have no doubt gathered from this blog I have two main passions. Literature and Photography.

I LOVE my Nikon D5000 DSLR! There are so many fantastic cameras out there but I adore mine simply for the fact that it's a Nikon. I'm not talking about better brands or if Nikon is better than Canon. I love my NIKON for the enduring reminder and connection that it has afforded me...

In case you weren't aware my dad died when I was in my pre-teens. I miss him and still love him dearly. He was a fantastic father. When dad was alive he enjoyed dabbling in photography. He wasn't a professional just a keen hobbyist. I actually have a couple of his old cameras displayed in my living room...

Lo and behold DAD USED NIKON!!! I took this photo with my Nikon... I like the continuity of it.

I must have gotten my passion for photography from somewhere and dad's looking like the culprit. I know it probably doesn't make a difference or make a whole lot of sense but I love it that I'm passionate about the same hobby as my dad. There's a connection, be it ever so tenuous. When I hold my camera I like it that it's roughly the same size and shape as dad's.

It also really demonstrates the passage of time and amazing advances (both technologically and personally). Dad's cameras are film (shock, horror)!! Sometimes if feels like my camera is more in control than I am! After all I'm still learning...

My dad and I - we are hobby buddies... Separated by time, space and circumstances beyond our control. But still it's there. And as I go on in life where memories become fuzzy, corroded by time there is something tangible in my life that can serve as a reminder that I had a fantastic father who loved me dearly and sort to live with integrity.

And that just makes my adventures into the world of photography even more special.

And so whenever I take out my beautiful Nikon D5000 a little part of me will always wonder what tips dad might have given me to get a better picture... And I like that little reminderAll images taken by Tafline Hoey

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